Clearing the River

Energetic and emotional clearings to change your life!

Imagine your body as a river…

In that river are all the sticks and stones of life piled high and clogging the flow. Energetically, we’re stepping into that river and pulling out those sticks and stones (emotional hurts) so your river (the body) can flow more freely. I offer emotional clearings to help the river flow. Please take a moment to browse through my site, learn more about the clearing process, and contact me with any questions you may have.
For those of you who wish to have an emotional clearing that goes deep without connecting by telephone, consider the remote clearing.  This cleanse lasts three hours. The biggest advantage is that it bypasses the emotional story and accesses the deeper blocks that are looking for release.  $100
Combo remote clearings include a 10 minute phone conversation at a set appointment time for those who wish to speak briefly before clearing. The phone time is useful for setting an intent or asking any questions before your clearing is launched. Limited space available.
You can pay online for standard telephone or intensive remote clearings using the PayPal form on this page. Choose the appropriate service and enter your email address and you will be re-directed to PayPal. Appointments and Services


The year I turned forty-four, life took a very sudden turn when I wasn’t looking. During an odd illness, a very distinct, never-before-heard voice arrived in my head and told me ‘if I didn’t make the change now, then this time I would die’. Obviously, looking back now, there were other opportunities for change that I had somehow missed. The awakening was swift, scary, exciting and all-encompassing. Since that voice arrived twelve years ago, life continues to be an adventure that I’m grateful to share whenever and wherever I am. I can only give thanks to God for ‘giving me eyes to see and ears to hear’.


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